Ugliest cigar in the World…Ever

Normally a hand-rolled, premium cigar is a thing of beauty.

From the sheen of a carefully selected wrapper through to the design of a tastefully applied band, everything about the look of a good cigar should heighten the senses.

Or so I always thought…

Last week a friend and fellow cigar aficionado dropped me an email to tell me about some new cigars he had come across. In amongst the usual recommendations and offer of a box split of something very special (I will save the details for a later post)  were some pictures of a cigar he picked up on a recent trip to the US.

To say it looked like everything a cigar shouldn’t be would be a huge understatement.

Multiple garish bands, horrible packaging and a shape which boggles the mind. Without any further ado I present to you the Berger & Argenti Entubar


Wow how subtle is the reference to dynamite, I very nearly didn’t get it myself…guess it gives a whole new meaning to a cigar being a boom stick.


I love the boxes, definitely a big improvement over those horrible, ugly ones that cigars usually come in!





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